A Styling Dilemma… Clothes for Shoes or Shoes for Clothes??

Okay, I don’t know if that post title makes complete sense to you so I will try to explain a bit better… When you are trying to put your wardrobe together for a day or night out, do you style your shoes to match your clothes or your clothes to match your shoes. (I say match in the loosest sense… I should probably have said “go with” as I think contrasting shoe/clothing combos are the bomb).

Personally, since weather isn’t usually an issue I normally start with my shoes first and then find something that I like to go with them. I think I am probably in the minority here but I have so many shoes and some days I just want to wear a certain pair so I find myself styling my clothes to go with the shoes that I want to wear. Sometimes it is actually quite the process as I have a lot of funky colored shoes… But I usually have at least one or two outfits that I know go with every pair of shoes.

To keep things simpler, one of the things I actually have is a database of all my clothing combos along with photos of what I look like. This might sound a bit anal and a little crazy, but it’s pretty awesome and ends up saving me tons of time in the long run. Instead of having to put your shoes on and your clothes on and look in the mirror, I can look through photos I’ve taken of myself in different wardrobe combinations. It’s a lot of work taking the photos to begin with, but I think it actually saves me time getting ready in the long run.

Does anyone else out there do something similar, or am I insane?

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