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A Thrifty Gal’s Guide to Looking Hot

I think this topic can probably be spread over a number of posts but I will try to get my best tips out here for you guys right now… For those of you who know me, you probably know that I am kind of a thrifty gal (fine, I am cheap!). Being so into fashion and not having or wanting to spend a ton of money is kind of a tough situation… I mean, I would love to have millions of dollars and to be able to buy crazy expensive purses or diamond studded shoes, but that’s not how it goes for me. And I am okay with it…

I can look really good, trendy and fill up my closet on a budget. I don’t need $400 shoes to look good.

If you do have to have the name brand designer stuff, then go used… I personally don’t like wearing used shoes (other people’s feet disgust me) but you can find good deals if you are willing to go this route. But still, some of the crazy expensive brands are still expensive if you go used. My best advice is to shop online and look for deals. There are a few sites I like that have good prices all the time and huge selections (I will explain more below).

When it comes to clothes, I think I follow the same mantra as shoes. Look for deals online. Ebay can be good for new clothes, but you have to watch out for poor quality stuff from china. I’d stick to a couple of sites that are known and that have good regular sales. (again I will explain more below).

Okay, so you probably are done with reading and want to go and shop. Here are my top picks for places I like to shop for various fashion related items:

Okay, so you have probably heard of Overstock an dI am not telling you anything new there when it comes to buying handbags and purses. But is not all that well known and is an awesome source I just recently found for clothes. They have more every day wear clothes than anything else, but are very affordable.

My pick for women’s shoes was JustFab who I also just recently discovered. (You gotta watch their commercial on that link by the way… it’s classic!). These guys have tons of shoes and boots and everything is the same price if you are a member. I wouldn’t recommend their jewelry though (seems to break easily for me) but their shoes and denim really are fabulous.

That should be a good start for you! I’ll be back with more soon :)

Retro Shoes

One thing you will find out about me is that I am into a wide range of styles. From sky high pumps to the crazy strappy boots you saw in my last post, I really believe that when it comes to womens shoes, there should not be any boundaries! I like making a statement and I think it starts at the feet for the most part.

A few months back my friend turned me on to “retro sneakers” which are kind of like funky colored sneakers you may have seen in the 80s. I like to wear these styles when I am out and about and doing a lot of walking. I’ve picked up quite a few nice pairs from Ebay that I think were actually from the 80s. I haven’t really found anywhere that makes NEW sneakers in these type of styles though, so if you know of anything let me know.

I also like the other end of the retro spectrum in wearing older shoes that you may have seen in the 20s to the 50s. I guess you would call this type of shoe more of a vintage look than retro… Some styles I have in my collection really do give off a classy vibe. I managed to pick a couple of nice ones up on the cheap from a place called Ruche. Check out their vintage shoes collection to see what I am talking about.

A Styling Dilemma… Clothes for Shoes or Shoes for Clothes??

Okay, I don’t know if that post title makes complete sense to you so I will try to explain a bit better… When you are trying to put your wardrobe together for a day or night out, do you style your shoes to match your clothes or your clothes to match your shoes. (I say match in the loosest sense… I should probably have said “go with” as I think contrasting shoe/clothing combos are the bomb).

Personally, since weather isn’t usually an issue I normally start with my shoes first and then find something that I like to go with them. I think I am probably in the minority here but I have so many shoes and some days I just want to wear a certain pair so I find myself styling my clothes to go with the shoes that I want to wear. Sometimes it is actually quite the process as I have a lot of funky colored shoes… But I usually have at least one or two outfits that I know go with every pair of shoes.

To keep things simpler, one of the things I actually have is a database of all my clothing combos along with photos of what I look like. This might sound a bit anal and a little crazy, but it’s pretty awesome and ends up saving me tons of time in the long run. Instead of having to put your shoes on and your clothes on and look in the mirror, I can look through photos I’ve taken of myself in different wardrobe combinations. It’s a lot of work taking the photos to begin with, but I think it actually saves me time getting ready in the long run.

Does anyone else out there do something similar, or am I insane?

My Favorite Shoe Styles

Similar to most women who are into fashion, I am obsessed with shoes. Shoes more than anything are what I love… I mean, I love a cute handbag but give me a pair of hot shoes and my confidence just skyrockets. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite womens shoes styles. I hope that some of these are new to you guys and that you can find some new styles here that you may have not otherwise heard of before.

Textured Shoes
Okay, one thing I have picked up on from all the big fashion sites out there is that texture is in in a big way. This fall, textured shoes of all shapes and sizes are the rage. I’m not talking just about your traditional snakeskin textures, I mean all kinds of crazy stuff. From buckles, embellishments, cutouts and of course your traditional animal skins. The more the better!

Strappy is Happy!
I am into straps right now in a big way… the more the better. Check out some of these crazy strappy boots I just picked up:


They might not be everyones cup of tea, but I think this look is super hot right now when used in the right situations.

A Little Bit More About Me

Before I really get started here I thought it would be a good idea to make a little bit of an introductory post that talks a bit about me so you can get to know me some more. I was born in Ottawa, Ontario and moved out to San Diego California with my family when I was 12 years old. I work as a dental hygenist and have a daughter who truly is the light of my life. When I am not spending time with her you’ll likely find me shopping or browsing online fashion blogs and forums. You might recognize me from some of my posts over at Style Forum. I am really into fashion and beauty and just love how the internet gives you super easy access to amazing fashion tips and advice (as well as great places you can shop online for cheap shoes and clothing!)

Some of the things you can expect to read here include styling advice and places to find good deals on fashion related items. i don’t make a lot of money so finding good deals online is one of the ways that I am able to stay fashionable and with the trends.

Right now my favorite looks are anything “berry”, especially berry booties! I don’t know why (maybe it’s a Christmas thing) but I am so into boots and booties right now of pretty much any kind. One day you might find me rocking cowboy boots and the next day you might find me rocking fluffy ugg type boots.

Anyways, now that you know me a bit more I will get to posting more about fashion and less about talking about myself!


Hello to everyone out there. My name is Gwen (yes it is short for Gwendalynn) and this is my little home on the web where I will be posting about all things fashion, beauty and style related. I have to be honest in that I have never done one of these blog things before so please bear with me if there are any bumps in the road.

I also know that social media is pretty huge these days for bloggers, so for all 2 of you who are dying to connect with me (my Mom and sister!), while I do not yet have a Twitter or Facebook page up yet I will be working on getting both rocking in the near future. I also LOVE pinterest and instagram so will hopefully have both of those going very soon too.

Anyways I am super excited about this and think it will be a very fun experience. If any of you out there are actually reading this and have anything in particular you’d like me to write about then I am all ears. I’ll be posting a few times over the next little days so you can get to know me and my interests a little bit better, so please stay tuned for more in the very near future.

Big hugs and love,