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A Thrifty Gal’s Guide to Looking Hot

I think this topic can probably be spread over a number of posts but I will try to get my best tips out here for you guys right now… For those of you who know me, you probably know that I am kind of a thrifty gal (fine, I am cheap!). Being so into fashion and not having or wanting to spend a ton of money is kind of a tough situation… I mean, I would love to have millions of dollars and to be able to buy crazy expensive purses or diamond studded shoes, but that’s not how it goes for me. And I am okay with it…

I can look really good, trendy and fill up my closet on a budget. I don’t need $400 shoes to look good.

If you do have to have the name brand designer stuff, then go used… I personally don’t like wearing used shoes (other people’s feet disgust me) but you can find good deals if you are willing to go this route. But still, some of the crazy expensive brands are still expensive if you go used. My best advice is to shop online and look for deals. There are a few sites I like that have good prices all the time and huge selections (I will explain more below).

When it comes to clothes, I think I follow the same mantra as shoes. Look for deals online. Ebay can be good for new clothes, but you have to watch out for poor quality stuff from china. I’d stick to a couple of sites that are known and that have good regular sales. (again I will explain more below).

Okay, so you probably are done with reading and want to go and shop. Here are my top picks for places I like to shop for various fashion related items:

Okay, so you have probably heard of Overstock an dI am not telling you anything new there when it comes to buying handbags and purses. But is not all that well known and is an awesome source I just recently found for clothes. They have more every day wear clothes than anything else, but are very affordable.

My pick for women’s shoes was JustFab who I also just recently discovered. (You gotta watch their commercial on that link by the way… it’s classic!). These guys have tons of shoes and boots and everything is the same price if you are a member. I wouldn’t recommend their jewelry though (seems to break easily for me) but their shoes and denim really are fabulous.

That should be a good start for you! I’ll be back with more soon :)