Hello to everyone out there. My name is Gwen (yes it is short for Gwendalynn) and this is my little home on the web where I will be posting about all things fashion, beauty and style related. I have to be honest in that I have never done one of these blog things before so please bear with me if there are any bumps in the road.

I also know that social media is pretty huge these days for bloggers, so for all 2 of you who are dying to connect with me (my Mom and sister!), while I do not yet have a Twitter or Facebook page up yet I will be working on getting both rocking in the near future. I also LOVE pinterest and instagram so will hopefully have both of those going very soon too.

Anyways I am super excited about this and think it will be a very fun experience. If any of you out there are actually reading this and have anything in particular you’d like me to write about then I am all ears. I’ll be posting a few times over the next little days so you can get to know me and my interests a little bit better, so please stay tuned for more in the very near future.

Big hugs and love,

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